Francis Harris Reveals Video For Dangerdream

On his new album Minutes of Sleep, Francis Harris continues to grapple with the subjects of memory, loss and profound grief that suffused his debut. Writing this time in tribute to his mother who sadly passed the following year, he revisits deeply personal territory on with newfound perspective, heightened confidence and a markedly refined approach, yielding a noticeably matured and eloquent statement which transcends sorrowful brooding and rumination. This mood is reflected in the abstract isolation of the Guillaume Grasset-directed video for Dangerdream which premiered on Flaunt this week. Francis reflects on the very themes of loss and grieving with Impose Magazine as well, offering a personal glimpse into the mindset mirrored in the music on the new album.

It was through recording Leland that Harris first broke from his decade long preoccupation with solitary electronic music production under his Adultnapper alias. Seeking to infuse his formal compositions with emotional content, Harris employed the singular talents of Danish vocalist Gry Bagøien, trumpeter Greg Paulus (No Regular Play) and cellist Emil Abramyan, each of whom provided truly inspiring passages throughout that album. All three return on Minutes of Sleep, along with Léah Lazonick on piano, session player Brendan Golle on keys and Harris’ childhood mate Gabe Hedrick on guitar. Harris even contributed to the sessions himself with some guitar and piano work, rekindling of his passion for instrumentation, collaboration and performance.

Minutes of Sleep is out now on Scissor and Thread.


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