Fleeting Youth Records Release Free Label Compilation

Fleeting Youth Records have released their first free (or name-your-own-price) label compilation featuring over an hour and a half and 34 tracks of infectious and fuzz-infused tunes. You can listen to and buy the compilation here.

SXSW Fleeting Youth Records

SXSW Party Poster

Some tracks are from past releases, some are unreleased demos, some are brand new tunes from artists that they haven’t even announced on the label yet and some (bonus tracks) are from friends that will be playing at their free unofficial SXSW party on Thursday 13 March.

The SXSW party on Thursday 13 March will run from 2pm until 2am. There will be free beer, free entry and lots of loud noises. Performances will include Mumblr, Clouder, HABITS, Big Bill, LA Font, Krill, GRASS IS GREEN, Two Inch Astronaut, The Ghost Wolves, Gunther Doug, Butter The Children, Bent Shapes and Basketball Shorts among others. You can find out more information about the event here.

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