Introducing…RAMS’ Pocket Radio

Hailing from Northern Ireland, RAMS’ Pocket Radio has just launched his debut single from the album Béton ­(French for concrete) in the build up to his upcoming tour of the USA and Ireland.

The new single is called Love Is A Bitter Thing and will be available for purchase and download everywhere on Monday 17 March.

RAMS’ Pocket Radio is the alias of Northern Irish performer, Peter McCauley. A multi-instrumentalist, RAMS’ takes inspiration from sources as varied as Beethoven and brutalist architecture to construct smart pop songs with a sharp progressive twist. His debut album Béton is a solid statement built on several years writing, performing and growing.

RAMS' Pocket Radio

RAMS’ Pocket Radio

Béton had a unique launch night exclusively in Northern Ireland last June. In the absence of online streaming of the album, the launch presented the perfect opportunity for dedicated fans to get their hands on the physical object before the rest of the world. RAMS’ was joined on stage for the launch by musicians including Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol), David C. Clements, SOAK, Gareth Dunlop and DukeSpecial.

Love Is A Bitter Thing is the first single to be released from Béton. It has long been celebrated as the jewel in RAMS’ live set and sits as a reflective pause in the album itself. It’s a beautifully written song that is sung from the heart. There’s emotion, passion and a fighting energy to be heard in Love Is A Bitter Thing. It’s your typical pop song written about love and relationships but this song has something more to give. The lyrics, “I would love it if you said that/I want my friend back/I’ve got this feeling/Love is a bitter thing…” are sung with such conviction it’s hard to not get choked up when you listen to McCauley’s vocals. Love Is A Bitter Thing demonstrates the complications that falling in love can lead to – it’s wonderful most of the time but when you lose that feeling, it feels like the hardest thing ever. It becomes a bitter thing.

The single will be accompanied by new versions recorded by Alana Henderson and electronic artist Ryan Vail, as well as an official music video and live duet with SOAK (newly signed to CHVRCHES’ label).

Last winter, RAMS’ had the pleasure of supporting Glassnote signed artist Foy Vance on his extensive U.S. and European tour. Prior to this, RAMS’ has toured Europe, UK and Ireland with bands like Snow Patrol, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Darwin Deez. RAMS’ will return to the U.S. this March to play several showcasing performances in New York and SXSW.

You can catch RAMS’ Pocket Radio live on the following dates:

March 8 New York Webster Hall (with Duke Special)

March 10 SXSW Northern Irish party O/S 10pm

March 11 SXSW UKTI Great British Breakfast, Parkside

March 12 SXSW British Music Embassy showcase O/S 2.50pm

March 14 SXSW Full Irish Breakfast, BD Rileys

March 14 SXSW Official Showcase, BD Rileys

March 25 Ruby Sessions, Doyles, Dublin

March 29 Strand Arts Centre [All ages], Belfast

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