Introducing…Night Windows

Night Windows is a project started by Benjamin Hughes. His self-engineered/produced soon to be released debut album, Musicassette/Magnetic Memory, was crafted from the perspective of a young man facing a reality far different from the one promised him in his youth.

A 26 year-old with a bachelor’s degree worth of debt and a series of unrelated day jobs to pay it back, Hughes is a poster boy for the bursted-bubble millennial generation. He sings about being part of a downtrodden blue-collar work force, helping loved ones through hard times and clinging desperately to his musician dreams which ebb to the margins of his days. With his acoustic guitar, a hand-me-down drum kit and an array of gritty lo-fi instruments and effects, Hughes shaped this seamless 12 track debut album in his bedroom; creating an album with an authentic tone and a personal character you only get with quality lo-fi music.

Influences include but are not limited to Weezer, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Shins, David Bazan, Spoon, The Weakerthans, CAKE, The Flaming Lips, The Good Life, Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids, Wilco, EELS, Death Cab for Cutie, Daniel Johnston, John Vanderslice and Chad Vangaalen. As you can see, this is a musician who takes a lot of interest in a diverse range of music making his own music interesting and adaptable.

Night Windows’ debut album Musicassette/Magnetic Memory is scheduled for release for April 15 2014 via Black Rd Records. As of late January, pre-orders went live and three tracks were made available for streaming. You can listen to those tracks here.

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