Naomi Yang And Fashion Designer Gary Graham Collaborate On Music Video For Molly Drake’s, Dream Your Dreams

Earlier last year Ba Da Bing co-released with Squirrel Things Recording’s an LP of Molly Drake’s home recordings, Molly Drake Lost Recordings. With the help of her husband, Rodney, Molly utilised tape and direct-to-disk recorders in her Warwickshire, England home. Molly’s music was reserved for gatherings of her family and friends only.

Molly Drake

Molly Drake

But when these songs were released as an LP, the 1950’s parlour songs were lauded by fans and critics for their incredible level of intimacy and poetry while showing the great influence it had on her son, Nick Drake.

Molly’s track Dream Your Dreams served as inspiration for both fashion designer Gary Graham and Naomi Yang (of Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi) to create a music video where they dive into an abstract interpretation of the song. They were driven by the ideas that hope and dreaming are potentially destructive forces and, though opposites, they are complementary to one another. It also masterfully previews patterns from Gary’s upcoming Fall 2014 collection.

You can watch the video here.

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