Introducing…Thomas Azier

Berlin’s  dark  electro-­pop  prodigy  Thomas  Azier  is  releasing  his  debut  album  Hylas  on  March  10  through Casablanca Records  (US) but  in  the  meantime,  he’s  shared  his  mildly-­NSFW  video  for  Verwandlung,  one of  the  stand-­out  tracks from  Hylas.

Thomas Azier

Thomas Azier

The  video  premiered  on  Do  Androids  Dance?  and  is  now  available  to stream/share  via  YouTube. Thomas Azier said of Verwandlung: “For me the song explores the frightening thin line between making love and violence.” The video was shot by Sander Houtkruijer and a hommage to Claire Denis’, Trouble Every Day.

Hylas  is  a  lush,  cacophonous  mix  of  Azier’s  signature  forward-­thinking  production  and  the  evocative  vocals he’s  become synonymous  with.  Azier  recently  shared  the  title  track  from  Hylas,  which  is  available  to  stream and  share.  Woodkid  &  The Shoes’  collaborative  remix  of  Azier’s  song  Angelene  is  still  available  to  stream too.

Thomas  Azier  was  born  in  the  Netherlands but  relocated  to  Berlin  at  age  19.  After  hundreds  of  sketches and  pre-productions  on  his  computer,  Thomas  Azier  eventually  started  to  lay  the  final  touches  on  his  debut in  the  Fall  of  2012. He set  up  his  studio  in  an  old  East  German  factory  where  the  church  bells  for  the Kremlin  used  to  be  manufactured.  That  old factory  proved  just  the  right  place  for  the  truly  industrial  twist  on pop  music  Azier  was  looking  for.  He  had  a  vision  of pushing  boundaries,  combining  analog  sounds  and dramatic,  warm  vocals  with  violent  noises  and  the  natural  sounds  of  the factory.  The  entire  album  is  written, composed,  played  and  produced  by  the  25-­year  old  multi-­instrumentalist  himself,  only assisted  by  sound designer  and  co-­producer  Robin  Hunt.

His  sound  bridges  gaps  between  cultures  as  well.  Combining  factory  sounds  derived  from  the  Dutch  gabber and  hardcore scene,  the  German  electronic  scene  and  the  epic  and  profound  emotions  you  would  find  in French  artists,  he  may  well have  defined  the  sound  of  European  Pop  Music  in  2014.


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