Nickopotamus is Nick Souder – a multi-instrumentalists who sings, plays the drums/aux percussion, upright/electric bass, acoustic/electric guitar, organ/keys, mandolin, pan flute and bari sax.

High Tailin’ It! is Nickopotamus’ debut album. High Tailin’ It! was engineered, recorded and performed by Nicholas (Nick) Souder from Albany NY. At Balls Deep studio (a recording studio Nick built in his basement with the help of some friends), he laid down his quick-paced 12 track debut album. Using his many influences and musical knowledge, Nick performed all the instruments, vocals and sounds on the album with the exception of a 12 second rant by his bud Jean-Claude called Sunny and Share.

The first single to be released from High Tailin’ It! is Nibbler. Nibbler is an upbeat, uplifting, experimental fusion track whose rhythm acoustic guitar won’t fail to get your feet moving. The vocals are obscured behind distortion but this doesn’t matter. It’s a fabulous, summer song that allows you to think of sunny fields, beaches and good times.

High Tailin’ It! was released 8 February 2014. You can listen to the album here.


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