Treelight For Sunlight Release New Single, Come Closer, Ahead Of Their Second Album Release

Treefight For Sunlight has been in the studio for two years and have finally revealed their new track, Come Closer. It’s an energetic and very danceable first single from their upcoming album.

The band said: “Come Closer is about the various communicative spaces between people, about how the boundaries between the articulated and unspoken can merge and eliminate the distance between all of us. We want to insist on how less distance results in richer lives and better mutual understanding – despite whatever differences people might have”.

The band Treefight For Sunlight has always been an artistic melting pot and with the new track and the upcoming album, the band and their friends have taken complete control over their own visual identity. The music video to accompany Come Closer was made by singer and guitarist Morten Winther Nielsen and the single artwork has been made by bass player Christian Rohde Lindinger’s girlfriend, Amanda Munkgaard Olesen.

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