Champ Release New Single, Burnt Alive, Taken From Upcoming Debut Album

USA San Diego-based foursome, Champ, are preparing for the release of their debut self-titled album due out February 18 on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records.

In preparation for the album release, Champ have just revealed their latest single, Burnt Alive. Their style is garage rock, a grungier version of The Eels, with similar intelligence and a quirky twist to lyrics depicting tongue-in-cheek misery, “I don’t want to walk down memory Lane/It’s all the same/It makes me feel like nothing’s changed”. There’s something fresh here, despite the muddy wall of sound quality.

For an idea of their potential, check out the self-made video of an earlier track Real Cool Kids below using an impressively confident female vocal, 80’s synth layers and drum beat with a true catchy melody.

Champ could turn champion.

By Kate Dexter


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