Vulkano – Live Wild Die Free Album Review

Swedish riot girl duo Vulkano have just self-released their debut album, Live Wild Die Free.

Vulkano are a post-punk duo who erupted onto the scene earlier last year with their debut single, Vision Tricks.  Made up from two of the former members of Those Dancing Days and hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, their music isn’t for the faint-hearted and is full of no-frills fun. Their beats are uncompromising and extrovert and their debut full length shows just that with hard riffs, chaotic drumbeats and Cissi’s wild vocals leading the way.

The album is unusual ranging from its monkey-like sounds in The Jungle to the more accessible electronic drones of Choir of Wolves. It’s a sparse record blending everything that makes this duo so captivating and entrancing.

Vulkano album

Album artwork for Vulkano’s album, Live Wild Die Free

Track one Trolls kick starts this album showcasing everything this riot girl duo are capable of. It’s an explosion of sound with wonderful, mystical lyrics, “We’re coming from the forest/We’re coming from the sea/We’re coming from the mountains/To spread our disease…You poisoned our water/You stole our…”. These lyrics alongside the spooky synth sounds and the dramatic rolling and building drum beat help to create a sense of another world – something we don’t understand and therefore fear.

Choir Of Wolves sees the duet howling like wolves at the beginning before the music settles into a rhythmic, almost tribal drum beat and dark, deep guitar riffs. The howling then returns half way through the track. This is a fast tempo punk rock song which again has the feeling that there’s something supernatural being sung about – something unusual, something that can’t be explained – perhaps something that doesn’t conform to society. After all, these girls are unusual in themselves; they’re artistic, quirky and not afraid to express how they feel. Cissi said about the track: “It’s about escapism and frustration. It brings up questions like what is instinct and what is learned? Who am I without my society? We want people to let the animal out a little more often”.

We Ride shows Vulkano’s chaotic side – the drum beat is sporadic, the vocals uncontrolled and the composition of the song is wild. This is truly an artistic expression in the form of punk rock. It’s not for everyone, some people won’t grasp the concept or see through the noise but it’s a brilliant track. Cissi’s vocals are spine tingling and beautiful – the raw quality works perfectly. This song is definitely for a niche audience, to say the least.

Too Young To Die is more of your average punk rock track with the chorus screaming, “Don’t kill me/Please don’t kill me/I’m too young to die”. The usual rebellious, teenage angst side to punk is exhibited in this song expressed through the chaotic guitar riffs and crashing drums.

They have unveiled a new track Vulkano from the LP. Speaking about the track, one half of Vulkano, Cissi stated: “It’s a very honest song, friendships can crush hearts and the song is about feeling betrayed and unfairly treated by people close to you. I gathered a lot of aggression until I couldn’t hold it inside anymore and it all exploded – like a volcano.” The lyrics, “Like a funny, stupid fool/You want me to amuse/In fact I never was your friend/How I waited for those days to end/I’m burning/Gotta get some air/With eruption any time now…I’m a volcano/Oh I’m a volcano oh/I speed and I bleed/I puke and I scream/A volcano” sum this song’s meaning up entirely. There’s angst in the lyrics and the vocals while the music during the verses seems reasonably uplifting. These things juxtapose each other creating a sense of realisation. It’s almost as if the song is about having a sense of freedom from people’s expectations. This realisation and freedom is expressed through anger leaving the body which leaves you with a sense of relief, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Psycho Girl is a dark track which shows a soft, almost sexy side to Cissi’s vocals during the verses while the chorus introduces her sporadic, high pitched musical screams back in to the mix. Her voice is animal like – it’s uncontrollable, wild and energetic. She has such a unique voice which gives Vulkano’s songs a whole other layer and meaning. The voice is the true expression in these artistically crafted songs.

Live Wild Die Free is a fantastic debut album. It’s unique, sporadic, chaotic, intriguing, artistic – the list of compliments is endless. Vulkano’s debut album, Live Wild Die Free, was released on February 3 2014 through Vulkano Music and is available to buy now.

Vulkano have also announced a string of UK tour dates to take place at the start of December 2014


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