Volcanoes are a Yorkshire-based four piece who are set to release their new single When We Melodise on March 9. Volcanoes will appeal to fans of Fleet Foxes and Midlake.

Volcanoes are an alternative/indie band consisting of Sam, Kev, Boa and Chris. Having already had interest from EMI, V2 and Fourteenth Floor Recordings, taking part in T4 Orange Unsigned and having finished in the top 20 of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent contest, the boys are finally ready to release their much anticipated new single, When We Melodise.

A mix between Simon and Garfunkel, Midlake, The Shins and Echo And The Bunnymen, When We Melodise is a treat for every ear and rewards more active listening than the standard indie song.

The arrangement is soft and contained yet otherworldly at the same time. By carefully interlinking the main and backing vocals and letting them flow over one another, Volcanoes combine both the familiar and the new in a very musical manner. The demonstrative use of strings pulsating confidently in the background creates an extra dimension to the open body of sound. It also compliments their soft harmonies echoing throughout the track and adding oxygen to the overall listening experience. The vocals are a little Pete Doherty when he sang for Babyshambles. When We Melodise is a relaxing and atmospheric track.

When We Melodise is carefully crafted but sounds neither controlled nor regulated. Gentle guitar picking, resonating drums and hummable melodies underline the fact that Volcanoes understand how to capture beauty in one innovative song. 

When We Melodise will be available for sale and download on March 9 and is taken from Volcanoes debut album, Radiogeist, which is to be released later this year.


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