Mumblr – Bang Bang EP Review

Mumblr consists of four friends who share a row home in the gritty neighbourhood of Kensington in North Philadelphia. They dub their brand of noisy alternative rock “fuzz punk,” a made up genre that will make sense after you hear their raucous songs full of heavily distorted guitars, clamoring drums and impassioned shouts encouraging you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Their latest release is the Bang Bang EP which comes after the release of their album, White Jesus/Black God and is a prelude to their next album release, Full Of Snakes, which is planned for release at some point this year.

The Bang Bang EP sees the band flex their ferocious hooks and energetic sound to the full. There are some songs on the record such as My First Black Friend and Party At Your House which are to be taken with a pinch of salt – they aren’t written about anything too deep but are just purely silly, feel good songs. My First Black Friend is upbeat whereas Party At Your House is a little more solemn in comparison. Both of these tracks host brilliant guitar riffs; one that will either get you dancing around like a fool (My First Black Friend) or one that will have you nodding your head in appreciation (Party At Your House). There are some great lyrics in My First Black Friend (“I’m your new black friend and I met you at a party/And you thought I would grab you because you were wearing a hoody/Now you can tell your white friends…”) which do suggest a hidden political stance on this song about breaking down prejudices when it comes to race. Party At Your House has some wonderfully chaotic vocals towards the end of the track which repeat the lyrics, “I speak the truth and you speak the nonsense”, in such a way that it will leave you wanting more.

Hose Water is very Nirvana-esque but has a  slightly cheerier feel to it with the “Aahs” and higher pitched guitar riff at the beginning before the more bass inspired guitar riffs kicks in, introducing a familiar sound to Nirvana. Mouse has lovely vocals that really show how well the singer can actually sing rather than shout. The vocals are particularly good when he sings, “We’ll grow old/Oh together”. It’s a beautifully crafted song – it’s gentle, emotional, has superb cracked with emotion vocals but there’s still enough drama and power to make it Mumblr’s own.

All Your Fault finishes the EP extremely well and while Mouse stands out as the best track, All Your Fault does compete. It’s a track about family relationships and how dysfunctional some families can be, “I messaged my sister and she’s all grown up/But I’ll never forget how she forgot me/I tried to buy liquor with my Dad’s ID/But they turned me down ’cause I don’t look like him”. It’s about how children blame their parents and family for the way they turned out, sometimes with reason and sometimes without. It’s a great track to finish the Bang Bang EP with.

The Bang Bang EP is available to buy now from Mumblr’s website.

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