Harper are a four piece alternative rock band from East London who formed a little less than a year ago. They released their debut EP Drawing Blood Blues back in the summer of 2013 and they also recently released their latest single, Feel So Hollow, in November.

Harper are Matt Broadbent (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Daniel Bhattacharya (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jamie Simpson (bass/backing vocals) and Toby Thacker (drums/percussion).

For the past year, Harper have spent a large amount of time writing and demoing songs in drummer Toby’s studio as well as gigging vigorously in and around London. Their sound is sophisticated, bluesy and full. It’s tempting to note that their songs do not sound like demos – they sound professional. This band really know what they need to do to make the most of what they have.

Feel So Hollow is incredibly catchy. It starts with a very Black Keys inspired guitar riff and empty drum beat eventually accompanied by a soft background bass line. Broadbent’s vocals are reminiscent of that Arctic Monkeys northern twist which makes this song sound familiar. Feel So Hollow has some interesting lyrics, “I want to find your brand new soul/I feel so hollow right now/Don’t you wanna give it a home?”. There’s meaning behind the lyrics which makes this song captivating – it’s a game to figure out the story this song is telling. Broadbent lacks control on some of his vocals but this only enhances the track. It makes it raw – you can hear little cracks in the vocals, moments of passion. Feel So Hollow is exactly what you expect from an alternative rock track – there’s passion and energy all leading on from the blues influences.

Both their EP and single are available to stream and download from their bandcamp here.


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