The Tower Of Light Debut Album To Be Released In February

Beaming its sleepwalking sound from a bedroom in Brooklyn, The Tower Of Light deals in the marriage of polarities on his self-titled debut album. At once delicate and severe, ecstatic then pensive, both sparse and lush, it follows a road that was paved by the early days of 4AD and its strange, beautiful diversity while making unexpected stylistic detours as it winds its way through the ether.

The Tower Of Light

The Tower Of Light album artwork

Though the general mood is hypnotic and arresting in equal measure and the sonic details reveal no allegiance to any genre in particular, one consistent thread is the pairing of thoughtful melodic/harmonic counterpoints against tense, elaborate atmospherics. Imagine a catchy pop song being hijacked, slowed to a narcotic pitch, its words turned to surrealist poetry then all of it wrapped in a warm blanket of drone. It’s these juxtapositions that consistently reveal the project’s centre of gravity.

The Tower Of Light has revealed the first track to be taken from the self-titled album. The track is called Lightnet and was premiered back in December by NoiseyLightnet feels sinister, it drives manic and white-knuckled toward what seems will be an unavoidably violent climax only for it to pause, breath deeply and soar into space instead.

Relentlessly unpredictable and effortlessly genre-defying, The Tower Of Light can be difficult to pin down. And while some may read the aesthetics as more black-hole than shining sun, this is music that feels very aware that both are just different states in the same life cycle.

The album will be released on February 4 2014. You can watch the album release trailer herePre-order the album now.


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