Slippertails are an irreverent rock duo from New Jersey that formed while rooming together in Bloomington, Indiana. Upon returning to New Jersey, frontman Nick Casertano began recording demos alone in his basement that would eventually become their album, There’s A Disturbing Trend. Nick put up his self-proclaimed “junky demos” online merely to book some shows in and around New York City. However, the release got the band a lot of attention.

Slippertails have premiered two debut singles taken from their forthcoming album, There’s A Disturbing Trend. The first single and opening track from the album, Hip New Jerk, is sure to grab your attention with its colossal, in-your-face guitar tones and apathetic vocals. Hip New Jerk is not easily accessible; it’s clunky and chaotic whereas the second single, I Will Peel You Open, is slower and more melodic. The vocals on Hip New Jerk are hard to decipher and enjoy, they do not highlight Casertano’s abilities. I Will Peel You Open however is infectious as Casertano croons about a corrupt lover who manipulates her lovers from the inside out. It’s dark and dramatic with a clear rhythm and pace unlike Hip New Jerk. The vocals on this track are much more ear-pleasing.

Slippertails album, There’s A Disturbing Trend, will be available on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records on January 14. Pre-orders can be made here.


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