Poeticat is Baj Kenrick (guitar), Catherine Martindale (vocals), Vic Meadowcroft (percussion), Ziggi Jadovski (vocals) and IvoRamalho (bass).

Hailing from London, Lisbon and Basildon, Poeticat are a truly unique proposition; fusing the thought provoking spoken word delivery of  Catherine Martindale who has been a prominent figure on the spoken word and poetry scene for sometime with the experimental vocal harmonies of fellow European Theatre Arts graduate Ziggi Jadovski. This alone creates something very original. Now add a surreal and captivating genre-bending melting pot which is given an overwhelming sense of roots and power with the phenomenally warm bass lines of Ivo Ramalho formerly of Worldly Savages. Taking the band in another direction is percussionist Vic Meadowcroft on the Cajon who pulls in from Latin American music and African rhythms bringing it all together in a loose yet fluid journey while the prowess of guitarist Baj Kenrick reaches into the songs, burrows under the skin and adds another twist with complex metal guitar riffs and melodies that call upon Testament to Metallica. This is the true alternative spirit that is missing in the current musical climate.



They flit from modern dystopian outtakes from moments that recall Diamond Dogs era Bowie to hefty experimental punk slabs of socialism via genre-bending voyeurism. It takes people with real bravery to try to do something with individuality. Spoken word has been creeping into the mainstream in recent years in the eclectic forms of The Streets, Scrubious Pip, Saul Williams and Kate Tempest but Poeticat move it in a completely new direction experimenting with every aspect of the music as well as the vocal techniques and interplay between Catherine and Ziggi, story telling, dance routines and they have also had guest appearances from Nelson ‘Papachango’ Marquez of cutting edge Latin band Los Chinces.

Catherine’s spoken word is very reminiscent of Kate Nash but she has an angst and enthusiasm that Nash lacks. The poetry ranges from political (Centre Of The Concrete Square) to love (Rooftops/Kind Words Soft Kill). There’s huge diversity in Poeticat. This is a band with massive potential to make their political voices heard through the power of spoken word. Patti Smith started out on the poetry scene in New York, reading poetry in clubs backed by a guitar before landing up forming a full rock band and entering in to the music industry. Catherine has this similar unique ability to express her thoughts, emotions, opinions and understanding of the world and its political and social structure through beautifully crafted and intelligent poetry. She captivates her audiences through her dictation but the real secret and power are in the words that are written on paper. She has a strong writing ability which will lead her to succeed in the same way.



Regulars among a diverse circuit, Poeticat received a five star review at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have played festivals such as Glastonbury, Latitude, Bestival, The Big Chill, Kendal Calling, Beat-Herder, E4 Udderbelly and have supported Kate Nash, Ed Sheeran and Jamie Woon.

Poeticat are supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council. In December, they recently played their Brixton Windmill residency in order to promote spoken word performance to the wider music mainstream.

Poeticat will also be playing another residency on Saturday 1 February at Brixton Windmill. Each residency will incorporate interactive art installations by Elisavet Kalpaxi and include bands and spoken word poets.


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