Describing himself as ambient, folk, avant-garde, experimental, post-rock, instrumental and spaghetti western, Hellenica is Jim Demos from Montreal, Canada. He makes mesmerising, relaxing and unique music that will not fail to whisk you away into a far away universe.

Hellenica has recently released their three track EP titled They Are Out For Blood. It can be downloaded for free from bandcamp here and comes accompanied with a digital album cover.


Jim Demos AKA Hellenica

They Are Out For Blood sees Demos produce unique blends of music. Night Creeper begins with a solo guitar riff which is a little bit Jeff Buckley inspired – it has that vacant emptiness, a riff that uses space as a tool rather than seeing it as an enemy. There are spaghetti western influences heard in the guitar riff while the rhythm guitar and synth sounds that are added later add depth to the track. The song is repetitive but it’s far from boring. The drums are eventually introduced towards the end of Night Creeper which builds tension and drama with the rolling drum beat giving it a distinctive marching effect. Night Creeper is very atmospheric and dark – it’s a song that tells a dramatic story even with the absence of words.

The Lost And Forgotten is another dark track which uses the guitar riff as the main focus. There is acoustic guitar this time which carries the rhythm while the guitar riff ascends and descends over the top of it. It’s a relaxing track although it carries that hint of darkness. Once again, Hellenica has produced a song that tells a story through music alone. The Lost And Forgotten seems to tell the story of someone who is sad, lonely and reminiscent – someone who feels lost or forgotten or someone who is thinking about those who may be lost or forgotten by others. The synth sounds in the background introduce a spooky sound, perhaps suggesting that the track should be seen as a eulogy to those loved ones that have passed away. Perhaps the spooky synth sounds indicate the haunting memories of regrets or bad times just as much as the idea of the ghosts of loved ones. The turn towards the end of the track to a more uplifting melody may suggest that these lost and forgotten people aren’t so forgotten after all. The change in tone suggests that those loved ones people have lost will always remain with them in spirit – there’s hope for the future.

Morning Of The War Horn is the last track on the EP and is again a solemn, lonely sounding number which introduces some string sounds alongside the main guitar riff. Hellenica is brilliant at producing atmospheric songs that ooze life and stories. Usually, it’s the lyrics that tell the tales but in Hellenica’s case the music does it all. Morning Of The War Horn has the perfect balance of ambiance, electric guitar, experimental synthesiser sounds and emptiness to allow the song to breath essence. The end of the track is quite experimental compared to the other tracks on They Are Out For Blood – the electric guitar riff shies away while the synthesisers take over introducing a sparse yet dramatic end to the song.

They Are Out For Blood is a marvelous instrumental EP that really highlights what Demos is capable of. There’s energy, drama and stories intertwined in to all three tracks on this EP. It’s full of life, its ups and downs, even with the absence of the one element most consider to be the most important part of a song – lyrics.

They Are Out For Blood is available to download for free from bandcamp now.



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