The Calling Card Release New Compilation Album, You’ve Got A Lot To Learn

Welsh band The Calling Card have collected all of their demos from their first album, Everything You’re Not, as well as demos for new songs and have produced a 21 song compilation. The compilation is titled, You’ve Got A Lot To Learn and is now up for free download on bandcamp. The title comes from the lyrics for the first song the band ever recorded, Weight Of The World.

The new 21 song compilation contains classics from Everything You’re Not such as Weight Of The World, Lets Stay Young and Cross My Heart among others while also introducing new tracks Caligula, Neon Lights, We Are Just Kids And We’re Never Giving Up, Day In/Day Out, Hayley’s Got Me In A Spin, Someone’s Watching Me, Stop The Sun and We’re Not Anywhere. There is also the odd live or acoustic track or remix.

The Calling Card

The Calling Card You’ve Got A Lot To Learn album artwork

Caligula is a heavy rock number whereas Neon Lights is a pop song with uplifting acoustic rhythm guitar and a happy, summery drum beat. It will make you feel good, especially in the gloomy winter weather. It’s a song about returning home, “Run away/Run away from the city…Take me up/Little space ship/Take me up/On your runaway train/Take me up/In your little black car.”

We Are Just Kids And We’re Never Giving Up is a solemn new track comprising of Benj’s vocals and rock ballad music while Day In/Day Out sees The Calling Card return to their Blink 182 style pop/rock. Hayley’s Got Me In A Spin brings back their summery, acoustic sound perfect for a love song. Someone’s Watching Me is particularly heavy for The Calling Card, focusing primarily on rock guitar riffs which are slightly overpowering.

Stop The Sun is your typical The Calling Card song while We’re Not Anywhere sees them try their hand at a slow, meaningful and lyrical song. This is the equivalent of Everything You’re Not’s Lost @ Sea. Benj’s vocals are soft, emotional and coherent. It’s a welcome surprise near the end of You’ve Got A Lot To Learn.

Not only have The Calling Card released this new demo CD but they are also going to be releasing a new track, one per week for every week of 2014. It’s all going to be collected at the end of the year under their new album titled 52. Just like the demo album, You’ve Got A Lot To Learn, it’s all going to go up on bandcamp and YouTube and will be completely free for everyone. Watch this space in 2014 for more details.

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