Introducing…The Weepikes

Weepikes is an avant pop band from Helsinki, Finland. Originally formed in 1994, they released two well acclaimed EPs for Finnish indie labels Trash Can Records and Bad Vugum but the band called it quits in 1997.

After a 13 years hiatus, Weepikes reformed in 2010 and released a three song promo CD EP in January 2012. Weepikes then recorded and released their latest album, We Are Weepikes, in February this year. We Are Weepikes also includes an 11 minute remix by K-X-P.

Flatliner is menacing while Falling Off The Carpet has a theatrical Phantom of the Opera flavour.



Title track We Are Weepikes starts off quirky and jolly but becomes slightly nightmarish in an oddly Scandinavian style while the Falling Off The Remix is a more thoughtful, instrumental and very cool number.

Last track Why Am I Paranoid? is like being in that person’s head; there’s beauty in the torment.

This band has talent and plenty of ideas. The tracks are, with a couple of exceptions, extremely well produced and worth dipping into as there is something intriguing and truly different to behold in Weepikes’ music.

We Are Weepikes is available to buy now from here.

By Kate Dexter

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