Introducing…The Lockhearts

Newly formed Sydney retro rock band The Lockhearts have recently released their debut video for track, Freakshow. Since its release, the video has been played heavily on MTV peaking at number two on the MTV Hit Charts.

The Lockhearts were originally being featured as a head-liner weekly at the Spectrum in Sydney before their new found fame opened doors for them. The band have signed to Sunday Morning Records and are planning on releasing new music every few months as well as touring extensively.

The Lockhearts are Tim Meaco (lead vocals/guitar), Jameel Majam (backing vocals & bass guitar), Brenton James (drums) and Age Vella (backing vocals & lead guitar).

In an interview on they described their diverse array of influences, “Well, we all come from different backgrounds musically. But we found our common ground in 70s/80s hard rock.

The Lockhearts

The Lockhearts

“But we listen to a song for what it is, not for who wrote it – meaning we take influences from all different ends of the spectrum… we have been known to cover Cheap Trick, the Sweet, Queen and even Belinda Carlisle”. You can hear these plus Suzi Quatro, Blondie and even classic heavy rock on their new release, Freakshow.

After recording the track at the start of the year, the band filmed their debut music video with feature film director Tanzeal Rahim who has done a great job with simple but clever effects – you can understand the appeal for MTV as a visually entertaining piece driven by an energetic charismatic band. The timing is perfect for this retro rock when done with confidence, freshness, intelligence and a twinkle in the eye.

By Kate Dexter


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