Introducing…False Heads

False Heads are a three piece alternative/punk rock band from London. With the members still trolling their way through University, the band find themselves gigging in and around the Chichester area as well. The band consists of Luke Griffiths (songwriter/vocals/guitar), ‘Mop Head’ (bass/backing vocals) and Jack Hertzberg (drums).

Describing their sound as similar in style to Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, Elliott Smith and Radiohead, False Heads have a raw, energetic and far-from-perfect sound. But, it’s this far-from-perfect sound that makes them so likeable. Their energy and enthusiasm seeps through in each song as their sound hasn’t been moulded to suit a particular record label. There’s no fancy effects here just good, old, clean guitar, drums and bass. They are who they are and you will love them for this simple fact.

False Heads have recently self-released their second EP, Tunnel Vision which is available to download off their bandcamp page for free. In Fall Around, Griffiths vocals are very Cobain-esque – his vocals are gravelly, slightly untuneful and uninterested but pleasant. They suit the song. The chorus, “It’s all there but you’re dreaming” will have you singing along in no time.

Without A Doubt starts with a deep bass riff and sporadic drums before it turns into chaos but the vocals gradually settle the explosion. Griffiths vocals start the song with a soft, seductive tone but more angst is then heard in the chorus, “I don’t mind/I don’t care”. Griffiths’ voice sounds amazing in the chorus – this is what his voice is meant for, not slow or long-held notes but punchy, angry vocals. His vocals remain untuneful, keeping that slightly grumpy, Cobain-esque feel to them. This band are all about the attitude so having less than perfect vocals suits them. False Heads’ songs wouldn’t work with heart-melting vocals.

Where Is Your Man? starts with a lovely, upbeat guitar riff which is a pleasure to hear after all the punk rock influences in the previous two tracks. Where Is Your Man? is a light-hearted song full of Elliott Smith inspired electric guitar riffs and angelic vocals making Griffiths sound like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Remedy is the best song on Tunnel Vision. It’s got that old American pop-punk rock sound to it making it sound vintage in its own way. It’s quite an upbeat number with a sweet, gentle guitar riff and smooth vocals. The lyrics on this song are particularly well written and memorable, “Can you bring me down and bring me back/In the lost and found where I’ll cut some slack/Can you peg me out and dub me in when I’m in doubt I’ll try anything”. There’s even a superb instrumental part to Remedy around two thirds of the way in allowing the band to show off their solo abilities. This is a track that you’ll fall in love with instantly – there’s just something about it.

Comfort Consumption is a slow number to end the EP on. Griffiths vocals once again take on an angelic tone but this time are complimented by some lovely, refreshing harmonies during the verses. Comfort Consumption is clever in that the instruments build towards the end of each verse, making the listener expect a hugely dramatic chorus. But in fact, the instruments completely drop back leaving a solo guitar riff and a sparse drum beat with some vocals to form the chorus. This songs builds and diminishes tension within seconds.

False Heads have produced a good alternative rock/punk rock EP that displays the variety in their sound. Tunnel Vision can be heard here. False Heads are giving their EP away for free – you can download it from their bandcamp page.


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