Veara Release Video For Single, None Of The Above

Peach state pop-punkers Veara reveal their new video for single, None Of The Above.

Brittany Harrell (drums) states: “None Of The Above is about being faced with making difficult decisions and the struggle that goes on within yourself when it comes time to decide.

“It can be stressful and taxing. In the video, we wanted to portray that scenario of stress and struggle that happens when you’re left alone with your thoughts.”

None Of The Above fully highlights the meaning behind Veara’s latest album, Growing Up Is Killing Me, with the lyrics, “I’m so overwhelmed by decisions I have to make for myself/I can’t cover it up/I can’t cover it up any more” hacking straight into the obvious message behind the record. Life gets harder as you grow older and your views of experiences change. Those things that you once thought were fantastic and simple slowly begin to mean little as other more ‘important’ things take priority over everything else.

Veara’s latest album Growing Up Is Killing Me was released earlier this year via Epitaph. The album is a huge sonic step forward for this powerful band. Beneath the ear-candy layered power chords, the band have an urgent message about life, friendship and betrayal and they are expressing the only way they know how: through their music. The band hopes that when fans listen to the album, they know that they are not alone in the process of growing up.

Veara is on tour now with Warped Tour Australia.


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