Introducing…Swaying Wires

Swaying Wires is a Turku, Finland-based band that was founded in 2010. Their debut album will be released in 2014 through Battle Worldwide Recordings.

Swaying Wires started as a one woman project consisting of just Tina Kärkinen back in 2008 but this one woman project soon developed into a full-grown band in 2010 when members Sami Lehtonen, Nicklas Hägen and Timo Harju joined. Things really started coming together when Harju joined the band. They put together some demos in 2011 but Harju later left the band to pursue other interests. However, he was swiftly replaced by Jussi Virkkumaa and the newly reformed band began working on their debut album. Swaying Wires have recently signed a recording deal with UK-based label Battle Worldwide Recordings.

Swaying Wires have recently released their first single, Blinding Nights, which is taken from their debut album, Some Blue Sky, which is set for release on March 17 2014. Blinding Nights is a slow, sad and folk influenced number with incredibly feminine and soulful vocals. Blinding Nights is almost a ballad as Kärkinen’s vocals sore and express all her emotions. The music takes a back seat on this song with the drums laying down the rhythm very quietly in the background and the guitar riffs rising and falling appropriately to capture those emotions portrayed in Kärkinen’s vocals. Her voice is mesmerisingly calm and beautiful despite being able to express angst and upset.

Some Blue Sky, Swaying Wires’ debut album, will be released on March 17 2014 on Battle Worldwide Recordings.


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