Introducing…Felt Tip

Felt Tip are a band who have spent the past six months foregoing the perilous delights of the facebook and twitter world and therefore floating around the indie ether in a fug of mystery. What we know is that Felt Tip has three members and that English bassist and drummer duo James Tyler and Tom Rapanakis met volatile French guitarist Anton Trampon in London after he left an ad in their studio listing Television, Ennio Morricone and “everything at DFA Records” as influences.

Felt Tip

Felt Tip

We also know that Felt Tip are named after a song by Swedish indie-popsters Love Is All and that Love Or Pity is their debut single.

The London indie pop trio recently launched their debut single Love Or Pity via Fierce Panda/Label Fandango. Think skeletal guitars, neatly-balanced rhythms and excitable rushes of melody and you have Love Or Pity. The vocals are a little bit Julian Casablanca in style mixed with a little bit of Jeff Buckley in songs such as Last Goodbye and Lover, You Should’ve Come Over. In fact, it almost feels like an insult to call this band indie – their style is much more advanced than this.

Love Or Pity is out now.


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