KK Null And Ore Release Joint Single, Components Of Circulation/Dawn Of Time

KK Null – aka Kazuyuki Kishino – is the Tokyo-born composer, guitarist, singer and mastermind of highly influential progressive hardcore band, Zeni Geva. Ore are Birmingham-based tuba doom merchants, a duo that has evolved from its drone/doom beginnings into something more tricky to classify.

KK Null and Ore

KK Null and Ore single artwork

Last year the two acts were invited to combine forces for a one-off performance at Supersonic Festival. The result was a triumph, leading to the release of a shared record and now this official collaborative single featuring Dawn of Time and Components of Circulation.

The joint single is streaming in full on The Quietus. Components of Circulation is a mystical track blending monotonous, deep tones with strange noises from interference. The music is dark and mysterious yet completely meditative and soothing. The deep tones run throughout the track lending it to become meditative as if the droning of the tones soothes your mind and allows you to switch off. The other unusual noises lend the track to be mysterious and unnerving. Dawn of Time, on the other hand, is a much more uplifting track. The song starts with the deep tone continued from the previous track, Components of Circulation, before it introduces the sounds of a forest. You can imagine the awakening of a forest when listening to this track – there are birds tweeting, insects wings fluttering – it’s as if the whole world is coming to life in this track. The production is amazing. More and more animal sounds are introduced as the track goes on; the song develops and changes to indicate the evolution of life. It suits its title perfectly. Towards the end, mayhem is indicated in the song by the reduction of animal sounds and introduction of chaotic, spooky noises. This could represent the damage human kind is having on the natural world. It’s a really deep and artistic track if enjoyed by the right audience.

The collaboration is set for release on limited edition 7″ and digitally on 25 November (pre-orders available now from Endtyme Records).

Ore will play live on Tuesday 26 November at Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham.


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