Introducing…Fake Club

Fake Club is an all female rock group based in London. The band exerts a huge amount of onstage energy showcasing their own distinctive and infectious style.

Fake Club will appeal to fans of The Veronicas, The Ting Tings and Bat For Lashes. The girls describe themselves as the Spice Girls with instruments which isn’t a bad description. Their lyrics aren’t thought provoking as their latest release, Beauty Queen, shows. Their sense of style is very 90s and their music is catchy pop-rock rather than heavy rock. When you see the video, the “Spice Girls with instruments” comparison sort of makes sense…

Beauty Queen is a song about a woman who knows she’s beautiful and uses this to get where she wants in life. It’s a track about people who wouldn’t hesitate to sell their soul for money and wealth. The lyrics, “Oh know/You’ve chosen money over love oh/Another dent in your halo…Beauty queen killing the world you know/Big shots selling your soul for gold/Fat cats who want to own the show…” indicate the meaning behind this song perfectly. It’s got a great message but the song itself is a little try hard.

Being a female rock band is always incredibly hard to pull off as it’s a genre that’s heavily dominated by men. Fake Club aren’t quite pulling it off at the moment. Their image seems forced like they are trying too hard to stand out as an attractive and quirky female rock band. Sometimes you have to compromise on the image in order to be a successful female rock singer…look at Patti Smith – she’s someone with something to say but she’s never once tried to come across as a super feminine and sexy woman. It’s her mind and her words that make her attractive. Fake Club have gone the other way; their quirky fashion style and cheeky performances are covering up the fact that there’s not much too them otherwise. In my opinion, if you’re going to sing about a beauty queen who uses her image to get her places then you shouldn’t be singing it while wearing skimpy clothes. The message behind Beauty Queen deteriorates rapidly.

Saying all of that though, Beauty Queen is a catchy song that lots of people will love. The girls can play their instruments there’s no doubt about that. It’s great to see girls performing as a band where they write their own songs and play their own instruments. Fake Club are no where near terrible – the vocals are strong with a lot of attitude, the instruments are played really well but there is just something lacking. It all feels a bit too clean to class them as a female rock band.


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