Sonny AKA Freddie Pedersen is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, actor and dancer. He basically has it all. He looks like James Dean, dances like Justin Timberlake and has a similar sound to The Jacksons.

With the success and momentum from his last single, Bad Girl, taken from the album International, Sonny has returned with his new single, Not Gonna Leave Her Alone. The song is entirely made of drums, bass, guitar and a few Coca-Cola bottles.

Not Gonna Leave Her Alone can’t be congratulated for its mind-opening lyrics, they are your typical pop lyrics about attraction to a beautiful lady but Sonny has produced a summery, guilty pleasure track. It has soul and R&B inspired beats which are perfect when mixed with Sonny’s Michael Jackson inspired vocals. Think Michael Jackson on Rock My World and you’re getting close to the type of music Sonny produces. You cannot state that this music will change the world but you can guarantee that people will love this pop song.

The music video for Not Gonna Leave Her Alone was written, choreographed and directed by Sonny.

Sonny was recently picked for Justin Timberlake’s new Myspace relaunch for their New Artists campaign.


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