The Melodic Make Late Night Television Debut

Young British band The Melodic made their late night television debut last Wednesday night/Thursday morning with an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly. The show ran on NBC directly following Jimmy Fallon.

The Melodic have just released their album, Effra Parade. It is the full length Anti- debut from the group whose exhilarating mixture of folk, world beats and danceable pop is being compared to acclaimed artists such as Beirut and The Decemberists. The Melodic are already inspiring critical praise of their own with The Seattle Times proclaiming that: “The Melodic is a group of twenty-somethings with a passion for folk and a proclivity for dance…” while the Paste writes that the band: “…creates a blend of various musical stylings and spits them out as something fresh and sleek… Percussion shuffles along as the group’s harmonies intertwine, coalescing into a soft yet poignant timbre that evokes shimmering memories of careless days.”

The Melodic’s members hail from the vibrant South London melting pot of Brixton and utilise an assortment of exotic instruments from around the globe including the charango and melodica. They are currently traveling North America, performing in support of Effra Parade.

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