Introducing…The Rebel Light

The Rebel Light are a three piece band from Los Angeles who are releasing their latest single, Jukebox Dream on November 19.

The Rebel Light are a diverse band performing pop rock songs. Jukebox Dream is nothing like some of their previous releases such as Goodbye Serenade and Wake Up Your Mind. Goodbye Serenade is a political song while Wake Up Your Mind is a more experimental, electronic rock track. Jukebox Dream on the other hand is a summery, vintage 1950 and 1960s influenced song full of wonderful Beach Boys-esque guitar riffs and lyrics inspired by love.

Jukebox Dream is a fantastic track that won’t fail to make you happy. It’s a song that feels like it’s step straight out of the 60s – the vocals are raw, the music sounds fuzzy and faded; it just feels perfect. Jukebox Dream is how music should sound. Think The Monkees and the sweet, innocent vocals of Davy Jones and you’re on the right lines.

The Rebel Light recorded and produced the track solely in their house which might be what gives it that older, vintage feel. They recorded the vocals in the kitchen while the instruments were recorded in their living room. There’s less interference from producers and mixers who try to make everything fit into the same, easy to sell and promote box. The Rebel Light have given this song their own TLC which has paid off immensely.

Jukebox Dream will be available from November 19.

Expect big things from this band in 2014…



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