Introducing…Bella Muerte

Becoming the perfect embodiment of DIY, vocalist/keyboardist Bret Liber, vocalist/guitarist Josh Hurst, bassist Chris Goodman and drummer Mace May have gone from a modest group of players to a well-oiled machine and business.

The four make up Bella Muerte, a metalcore/pop/punk/electronic band from Kansas City, USA. They have used their individual talents for the benefit of the group from booking their own cross-country tours to screen printing their own shirts and merchandise. In spring 2013, the four worked hard self-producing their own music and graphic arts.

Bella Muerte

Metalcore/electronic band, Bella Muerte

Despite various setbacks such as line-up changes, lost/stolen gear and broken tour vans, the members of Bella Muerte have taken their experiences and matured as musicians and songwriters. Bella Muerte is pushing boundaries and their fans’ expectations for style and sound. The combination of adrenaline-pumping tracks with soaring electronics serve as the perfect chaotic backdrop for their new found vocals. Bret and Josh now sing, scream and harmonise their way through the Bella Muerte repertoire.

Bella Muerte have new music recorded and ready to be released starting with their new single and video for Guilty Pleasures, Desperate Measures. This track is very Panic At The Disco inspired with the vocals and the facial expressions (as seen in the video) but there is an apparent darker side to Bella Muerte. Bella Muerte are a little bit like the older Panic At The Disco when they used to be dark and quirky before they started producing mainstream, plain pop.

The lyrics in Guilty Pleasures, Desperate Measures are dark and twisted, detailing a relationship that the narrator knows is bad for him but loving the pain it brings, “…I don’t regret loving every single minute I have bled…”, “Everything you said/I etched it right behind my eyes so I won’t/Let myself forget those whispers/So toxic, captivating, dangerous” and “One hand to kiss, the other’s stabbing me”. It’s a song about a sadistic relationship that the narrator cannot live without, “Don’t you leave/I’m scared and screaming/It’s killing me to stay alive/Cause you’re the one I bleed for/Darling don’t you leave/I’m scared and screaming/Fall asleep with me tonight/You’re the one I dream for/Darling don’t you leave.”

Guilty Pleasure, Desperate Measures is a captivating track showing what Bella Muerte are capable of producing. The song is accessible yet dark, melodic yet chaotic – it has a bit of everything which is what makes it so interesting.

You can buy Guilty Pleasures, Desperate Measures now from here.


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