Titanics Release Cover Of Rhye’s, Open

The New York based synth pop/new wave duo made up of Mark Lombardo (vocals, synthesisers, piano, beats) and Derek Rogers (guitar, graphics) have released a cover of Rhye’s, Open.

With Lombardo claiming that Rhye’s track, Open, is one of his favourites, the band decided to produce their own version which can be heard here.

Titanics’ version takes a lot of the original without drastically changing it but the duo have enhanced the original by making it that little bit more electrified. Lombardo’s vocals are gentle and soft allowing you to drift into this song. His vocals suit this track perfectly. Titanics have added layers to this song to make it sound full; there’s less empty space than in Rhye’s original. They’ve made it darker somehow, the tones seem lower and the bass is more apparent. It’s a brilliant, flawless cover.



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