Mumblr Release New Single Ape Taken From New Album, White Jesus/Black God

Mumblr consists of four friends who share a row home in the gritty neighbourhood of Kensington in North Philadelphia. They dub their brand of noisy alternative rock “fuzz punk,” a made up genre that will make sense after you hear their raucous songs full of heavily distorted guitars, clamoring drums and impassioned shouts encouraging you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.


Mumblr continue to flex their ferocious hooks and energetic sound on their latest single Ape taken from their new album, White Jesus/Black God. The song starts off slow and reflective as lead singer Nick Morrison makes observations about his drug-riddled neighbourhood. The song then bursts into a stream of marching guitar distortion and pounding rhythms. The manic pace continues to ebb and flow under the vocals which tell a story about how drugs turn you into an animal. The chorus, “I’ve got the money/I’ve got the rhythm/Well I’ve got the money/I know I’ll make more…” is an explosion of Morrison’s vocals, expressing real angst, triumph and superiority all at the same time. This is followed by a reconciling, calm bridge of “I fucked up/I bought drugs/Now I’m feeling so low”.  Ape will have you falling in love instantly with this band.

Mumblr have also released an audio portrait of the city they live in called Philadelphia which feature as the b-side of the single release.
The band’s new album, White Jesus/Black God, is available on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records now.

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