Psapp Announce Intimate London Show

With just a week until Psapp release their exquisite new album What Makes Us Glow, Psapp are pleased to announce they will be playing their first live show in in four years on November 13 at a secret location near Old Street, London. The duo will become an eight piece of toyshop percussionists and Casio virtuosos to celebrate the release of their new album which is now streaming in full online via The Hype Machine.

Tickets for the intimate live show are only available from and each ticket will entitle the bearer to an exclusive limited edition riso print designed by the band. Psapp will be joined by various friends including Jonny Trunk (Trunk Records) on the decks. The first 50 attendees on the night will also receive an exclusive craft pack and instructions on how to make their own Psapp pipe cleaner cat.

PSAPP What Makes Us Glow

PSAPP album artwork for What Makes Us Glow

What Makes Us Glow is a vast hyper-colour psychedelic whirl of an album with intricate orchestration, layered vocals and a pioneering spirit. These songs thrum and buzz, they glow. It’s the pairs’ fourth full-length record and will be released through The state51 Conspiracy on November 11.

Scored with home built instruments, What Makes Us Glow is bursting with swampy drones of recorded ambience and plenty of raw sounds. Psapp relish in combining unusual musical elements, this record includes Galia’s rhythmic snores, boxes of writhing mealworms, their homemade boneaphone – a marimb made from bones – and the groans of milk-laden cows alongside the more standard instruments: piano, violin, oud and organs.

Lyrically it is an exercise in emotional stocktaking. These are songs of attachment, detachment and the slow realisation of what is essential. This is not the sound of a band finding their way; it is the sound of band having arrived at their destination. There is a powerful sense that they are in full control of their sound and revelling in the possibilities.

Some bands disappear, either dissolving into a mess of acrimony or slowly drifting apart as life tugs them in different directions but for Psapp, the pull to continue creating together conquered distance and all the complications of being alive.

While the drivers for its creation may have changed – out with all nighters, in with daylight and an appreciation of family and dedicated musicianship – the inherent joy of being together and creating magic little songs still shines through.

Psapp are eternally glued together whether they like it or not.

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