Devon Sproule – Colours Album Review

Devon Sproule released her duet album Colours with Mike O’Neill of Canadian indie band, The Inbreds, at the end of September this year. The album follows on from Sproule’s more recent jazz-pop writings. The duo met via her project Low Key Karaoke where fans were invited to record themselves singing along with the songstress through YouTube.

Sproule and O’Neill’s voices work really well together; the track You Can’t help It illustrates this perfectly. It’s a delightfully simple and thoughtful but catchy tune.

Sproule grew up on a hippy commune in Virginia and lists her influences as Bikini Kill, Frank Zappa and even some of the classic rock and roll groups her parents loved like the Beatles. Talk to You clearly shows the latter – even including a jolly trumpet Sgt Pepper finish.

There is true talent and confidence throughout Colours. It’s a record that has a fresh feeling and is pleasantly quirky. The lonesome cowgirl sound and lyrics of Nobody Tells Me A Thing show how this album is a mix of old and new, sad and humorous, familiar and different. It works and it works well.

Colours is out now.

By Kate Dexter


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