Introducing…The Mekano Set

The Mekano Set describe themselves as: “adventurous, dirty electronic alternative, post-punk”. The Mekano Set have just announced the release of their new single Black Aspirin and their EP, Three Thieves. The EP consists of five songs and features a bonus guitar track.

The single, Black Aspirin, is a grungy sounding Depeche Mode-esque electronic protest. It’s a protest song about hipsters plagiarising Alternative/Post-Punk/Goth bands. However, the words to this protest song are tricky to decipher, arriving via a damp and dark tunnel. It’s not unpleasant and there are interesting sounds that are woven in well so a live performance would be ideal. The Mekano Set can be described as a stylish but grumpy Kraftwerk.

The Mekano Set say that their EP, Three Thieves, takes it’s title from a book by Whitley Strieber called The Grays. The book contains: “…three scary, funny alien characters” hence the name, Three Thieves. The final song on the EP is a 26 minute long guitar sound scape constructed around the voice of Strieber describing an intriguing experience he had while travelling around Europe in the 1960’s.

The theme of the EP is certainly spacey and the voice sample works to great effect.

The Mekano Set are clearly not without ideas and for an entirely self-run band their output, both musical and promotional, is of impressive quality.

By Kate Dexter


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