ERAAS – Initiation Album Review

The Brooklyn duo ERAAS are releasing their new album titled Initiation on November 12 on Felte. Initiation is the follow up to their self-titled debut which was released last year. Initiation remains as ominous as the last record but it sees the duo bring some new textures and sounds to the fold with a beat-driven drum sound which further pushes their sound into new worlds.

Initiation presents a coherent and intelligent sound from ERAAS. It’s a collection of trance-like tracks which have an almost Joy Division meets Mobi feel.

The record is very well produced with the songs coming across as arty but not out of control or pretentious. It’s a shame the lyrics are hard to decipher as this is an interesting band which has something to say. The track Splitting is a particularly tantalising song on the record.

There is something other-worldly yet relevant about the sounds heard on Initiation; they are simple and beautiful in parts like on Circling but they are also more beat-driven with a chant style in songs like Old Magic.

As eMusic said: “Like urban explorers, Brooklyn post-rock duo ERAAS haunt the gloomy husks of krautrock, darkwave, industrial and dreampop, finding pulsing life within them…The immaculate production, full of audible space and teeming with intricate layers, is part of the reason but most of it is due to the duo’s keen command of their style. The result is a clean draught of weird beauty.”

ERAAS are currently on tour. Initiation is out on Felte on November 12.

By Kate Dexter


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