Introducing…Sound The Ocean

Hailing from the Waikato region in New Zealand, which has also produced the likes of Kimbra, Crowded House and Avalanche City, Sound The Ocean have been making ripples internationally.

The seven-piece band is comprised of music teachers that have been writing and recording music together for over two years.

Spring is taken from their debut album, Wait For The Morning, which is due for release in early 2014. Spring is an uplifting, pop piano ballad about finding yourself and your true identity. The chorus, “Bursting at the seams I just can’t keep it in/Winter sin is gone and I can breath again” as well as all the other lyrics in the song such as “Long forgotten colours are throwing back their covers/Waking up/They’re slowly waking up/Melting frozen shackles/Resurrecting feeling/Step outside/I want to step outside…” show this. The song uses spring as a metaphor for rediscovering yourself and becoming happy once again. Spring sees nature gain colour and come back to life which is exactly what rediscovering your happiness does to you – you gain colour and start to appreciate life and live more fully.

The video was shot at Woodhill Forest which is the same forest that provided the backdrop for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Xena: The Warrior Princess.

If you enjoy OneRepublic, The Killers, U2, Lifehouse or Keane then Sound The Ocean could be the new band for you.

Their debut album, Wait For The Morning, is set for release in early 2014 so watch this space…


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