Son Lux Releases Remix Of Recent Single, Easy

With his new album, Lanterns, to be released on October 29, Son Lux shares a hip-hop reworking of his recent single, Easy which features LA rapper and producer Busdriver.

Previous single, Lost It To Trying, previously reviewed on Rocking Republic, seemed ‘…possibly too experimental for some’. Easy shows more form and control in structure. It has a haunting appeal. The original version of Easy can be downloaded from Soundcloud.

Son Lux

Son Lux aka Ryan Lott

This dark, futuristic soul track lends itself with striking brilliance to what might sound like an incompatible collaboration. Busdriver has created not just a remix but an entirely different vision. In fact, it’s really impressive with rap and trance actually making sense.

Recently noted both for his s/s/s project with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti and for being named NPR’s “Best New Artist of the Year”, Son Lux can be hit and miss but he has definitely got something going on.

In addition to CD and Digital, Joyful Noise Recordings are releasing 500 copies of a ‘colour in colour’ vinyl edition of Lanterns as well as 1200 copies of a ‘split colour’ vinyl edition. Each copy is hand numbered accompanied by a thumb print of Son Lux himself.

Lanterns will be released on October 29.

By Kate Dexter

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