Love Inks Release Video For Album Track, Time

Following the release of their second full length album Generation Club late last month, Love Inks have unveiled a new video for album track Time.

The video was directed by friends of Love Inks, Kat Clements and Andrew De Francesco in Essex and Cullercoats, England, who said: “It is about the inability to understand and be understood by those closest to us; not being able to be together creates a desire for togetherness. Being physically far apart opens an avenue for psychic closeness.”

Bassist Derek Brown added: ‘‘We love the video and think it encapsulates the song perfectly.”

Love Inks

Love Inks

While on a budget and lacking truly believable acting skills, the black and white video tells a poignant story of a struggling yet salvageable relationship, making the most of a desolate seaside townscape. The track itself has real appeal, sweet female vocals and interesting construction that makes a replay essential, like a prettied up Blondie song.

Love Inks’ 2011 debut LP E.S.P received praise from NME, Dazed & Confused, The Stool Pigeon, Grazia and many more for its “…sparse yet sweet hazy summer anthems”. Now Love Inks, comprised of couple Sherry LeBlanc & Kevin Dehan, accompanied by Derek Brown on bass, present the fuller album Generation Club.

All their recordings are done on a half-inch tape machine by the band in their home-town of Austin. This time they were mixed in an analogue studio by Matt Oliver at Big Orange Studios using methods inspired by Kraftwerk & Brian Eno. Sherry said: “…there’s no auto tune or cutting and pasting within the tracks.” It works very well.

By Kate Dexter


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