Collider and Soreface Release Split Cassette

Collider and Soreface are two of the latest bands to come out of a thriving DIY music scene in Sheffield. They have both been making music for about a year and have played with California X, Mike Watt, Everyone Everywhere, empire! empire! i was a lonely estate, A Place to Bury Strangers among others.

Collider features members of many other bands including Keel Her and Pjaro.



The split cassette features three tracks, two of which are from Soreface. The split cassette features Collider’s Mopping Up and Soreface’s Not A Lot and Crowsong.

The Soreface tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered in 2012 and 2013 in Sheffield while the Collider track was mastered by Joe Caithness in Nottingham.

The split cassette is available for free download or on cassette for only £1.50.

The Collider track Mopping Up unfortunately suffers from poor recording with the vocals being somewhat lost but the driving drums give it an insistent vibe. There are echoes of Sham 69.

Soreface’s tracks are more identifiable, having a more distinctive sound. Not a Lot is still raw and live sounding but structured. Crowsong is thoughtful; the track builds, the vocals growl – one line appears to be “You had me/Lying on the ground/Like a tent that/Lowered down”. On the basis of these two tracks, it’s worth seeking Soreface out for a gig experience.

The split cassette is available to buy or download now from here.

By Kate Dexter


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