Introducing…Kaitlin Riegel

Kaitlin Riegel was born in Portland, Oregon, before her family moved to Auckland, New Zealand when she was 12. Her contemporary alternative music shares influences from both countries. She says: “Most of the music I make revolves around intricate vocal parts but almost everything I write is composed on my beloved Roland keyboard.

“I’ve played piano and sang my entire life and my favourite pastime is chucking the two together. My songs are about my life and how I perceive everyone else’s.’’

Silhouettes was produced by Simon “Berkfinger” Berckleman (The Temper Trap, Silverchair, Wolfmother) and can be recommended to the fans of Lorde, Marina and the Diamonds and Oh Land.

Riegel has confident and clear vocals with interestingly fresh lyrics. ‘”Stay indoors/Stay indoors/Dry your eyes/Stay indoors/Stay indoors/Stay inside/All that’s left of the great indoors are silhouettes on wooden floors’’.

There is something very appealing about this track. Superficially light in chanting presentation and yet darkness is all around – as illustrated in the video. Kaitlin’s voice rivals top female pop singers and betters most.

By Kate Dexter


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