Introducing…All Mankind

All Mankind hail from Australia and have just released their new single Losing Myself from their five track EP. For collectors All Mankind have printed 300 limited edition vinyl-style CDs only available at live shows (check for dates and tickets).

Hurrah, for Losing Myself. It has really good audio quality. This is crisp and perfectly balanced, doing full justice to the easy on the ear vocals and giving perfect clarity to the lyrics while each instrument is equally decipherable.

All Mankind list their influences as Empire of the Sun, The Temper Trap, Muse, The Police, Dave Matthews Band, Paul Simon, Bob Marley, Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam. This all makes sense when you listen to their sound; the crowd-pleasing joyous chorus of, “I found you and you found me” and a bass line that has that Police modern reggae influence. There are even Sting-like high pitched backing vocals. That said, there is individuality here. It’s catchy and recognisable for radio play.

Their first album Simple Desire was a top ten album in Germany’s #1 Music retailer, Saturn/Mediamarkt. All Mankind’s is a pretty smooth sound for the clichéd view of German tastes. Here the Germans are ahead of the game, this band is accomplished and fresh.

The Simple Desire album was recorded and produced by Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Foals) in Liverpool. A number of tracks have featured in prime time US, UK & Australian television shows, including The Hills, Break the Spell, the first single from Simple Desire, has also been featured on the EA Games FIFA 12 soundtrack.

“All Mankind delivers epic and heartfelt songs that evoke a timeless soundscape” (Nic Harcourt, MTV USA). There’s a danger in using the word ‘epic’ as it can touch on meaning ‘cheesy’ but as Record of the Day states, “All Mankind has the sound of being Australia’s next biggest export…”, and if they keep the clean, thoughtful and fresh approachability going, this may well be an accurate prediction.

By Kate Dexter


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