Falling Stacks – Dogo Argentino EP Review

Falling Stacks are a three piece Bristol band that has been around two years. They are set to release their new EP, Dogo Argentino, on 11 November. This is the first of their three EPs to be released over the next six months.

Falling Stack’s sound has been variously described as somewhere between Big Black, Fugazi and the Jesus Lizard though they have also received comparisons to The Fall, The Stranglers, Shellac and Wire. Their stuff is disorderly, experimental, avant-garde, distorted and even desperate. It’s not charming but not without charm.

Falling Stacks

Falling Stacks

White Wild Hare seems on the surface to have little to do with its title, beyond being wild. It starts with a big “Whaaah” and jangles your nerves with difficult to discern vocals and an overall sound as eclectic as any Frank Zappa, Brian Eno or hard drug Velvet Underground. The vocals in tone have the urgency and determination of the urban poetry of John Cooper Clarke.

The second track, View Of A Lake, unfolds like a murder mystery with sinister clues dropped in tormented snippets.

Hospital plays like a troubling prophecy, “Now place your order and sit still/Now put your scissors in your little grey locker and come and sit still”. Where the words are identifiable in this song, it shows there is depth and imagination to Falling Stacks. The track sets the scene of Paolo Coehlo’s Veronica Wants to Die – or the less funny side of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Dogo Argentino is definitely interesting and worth checking out so long as you aren’t expecting to tap along to tunes or have an easy time on the eardrums. Their Facebook page gives their genre as Dog Core – perhaps no further explanation required.

Dogo Argentino EP will be released on 11 November.

By Kate Dexter


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