Psapp Reveal New Live Acoustic Session

After announcing news of their new album, Psapp are excited to reveal a new acoustic video for track Seven live in session. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album What Makes Us Glow which will be released on November 11 through The state51 Conspiracy.

Speaking about the session, one half of Psapp, Carim introduces the video: “Here we are performing a live version of our track Seven. This is a love song to inspiration, to that brilliant moment where you spark into action and a song just falls out of you.”



Gaila went on to say: “Something we have had to accept over the years is that writing music with someone else is a complex process – we are occasionally one person when we are working but in other ways we are so profoundly different. The conclusion after writing this record is that we will always make music together, we can’t help it.”

Comprised of feline wielding troubadours Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, Psapp met 12 years ago in a basement filled with plastic fish, compressors and elderly cushions and have been making music ever since.

Now their new album, What Makes Us Glow, is set to be released in November. What Makes Us Glow is a vast hyper colour psychedelic whirl of a record with intricate orchestration, layered vocals and a pioneering spirit. The songs thrum and buzz – they meet the needs of the title and they will make you glow. In preparation for the release, the duo are inviting fans to tweet them using the hashtag #thingsthatmakeyouglow and are asking fans to state what things make them glow.

Scored with home built instruments, What Makes Us Glow is bursting with swampy drones of recorded ambience and plenty of raw sounds – Psapp relish in combining unusual musical elements (this record includes Galia’s rhythmic snores, boxes of writhing mealworms, their homemade boneaphone – a marimba made from bones – and the groans of milk-laden cows) alongside the more standard instruments: piano, violin, oud and organs.

Psapp’s raw sound is especially apparent in the live version of Seven. Live and acoustic, Seven sounds like a 1920s jazz classic with softly sung vocals and a wonderfully upbeat jazz tempo. It’s such an uplifting song which suits the meaning behind it – a big thanks to inspiration. The album is now available for preorder via iTunes here.

Lyrically What Makes Us Glow is an exercise in emotional stock taking. There are songs of attachment, detachment and the slow realisation of what is essential. This is not the sound of a band finding their way; it is the sound of band having arrived at their destination. There is a powerful sense that they are in full control of their sound and revelling in the possibilities.


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