CocoRosie Reveal Self-Directed Video for Gravediggress

CocoRosie continue to impress with their recent single Gravediggress from their newest album, Tales of a Grass Widow. Now the dynamic duo have released a new self-directed music video for Gravediggress.

The video, directed by Bianca Casady, in true CocoRosie style creates an enigma of a video that asks more questions than it answers. The opening shot shows what seems to be a washed up and tired out clown, staring into the distance. This is followed by a short shot of a masked woman taking clothes pegs off a washing line. The video continues to interchange between both the clown and masked woman through what seems to be a very disturbing and cold existence. Bianca Casady explains the narrative as, “…a loose journey through the psyche of a lonely outcast who finds ecstasy and company in nature”. Upon second viewing of the video, it is easy to see what Casady was aiming for. The enigma of the video and the question mark of a song seem to make perfect sense.


CocoRosie Gravediggress artwork

Bianca said: “The filming was spontaneous though it took much more time than a typical music video and without the pressure of a studio and crew we were able to wander and shoot in this way. We let the work steep and revisited the project months later for another stage of development.

“I prefer to shoot intimately, just me and the other and the force of the elements. Some times our hands got frozen cold or we got attacked by swarms of mosquitoes, spiders crawled out of every hole and we truly marveled over the moon and pink sky.”

The single begins and evokes images of almost melancholic wind chimes leading to Coco Rosie’s staple of electronic percussion. The audience is struck by the vocal layers of Bianca and Sierra Casady. In expected unorthodox fashion, the chorus is repeated thrice and is not heard again for two verses. The structure of the song engages the audience which in turn avoids the track feeling rigid or repetitive. CocoRosie continue to produce unique and interesting music.

By Luke Bennett


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