Veara – Growing Up Is Killing Me Album Review

Georgia’s own Peach State pop-punkers Veara celebrate the release of their new album Growing Up Is Killing Me out now on Epitaph. The album can be streamed in full by visiting the Epitaph YouTube channel.

Growing Up Is Killing Me is a huge sonic step forward for this powerful band. Beneath the ear-candy layered power chords, the band have an urgent message about life, friendship and betrayal.

Veara guitarist/vocalist Patrick Bambrick, bassist/vocalist Bryan Kerr and drummer Brittany Harrell have been playing together for over a decade. However it wasn’t until lead vocalist/guitarist Bradley Wyrosdick joined the band in 2008 that Veara as we know came into existence.

Growing Up Is Killing Me was recorded with Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance, Paramore) at House of Loud studio in New Jersey over a two-month period.

Patrick Bambrick states: “When we say Growing Up Is Killing Me it relates to the fact that you don’t have the same outlook on Christmas morning when you’re 28 as you did when you were eight years old.

“We’re not judging those feelings but sometimes it hurts to see those types of experiences change and watch time go by so quickly as you get older.”

With heavy influences being heard from bands such as New Found Glory, Greenday and Foo Fighters, Veara have produced a fantastic pop punk American sounding record that will leave you wanting more. Each song is punchy, energetic and full of attitude.


Veara Growing Up Is Killing Me album artwork

Track one, Next Stop…Everywhere, could easily be placed onto a New Found Glory record without anyone questioning its appearance. The intro’s tempo and the vocals are very reminiscent of NFG’s Something I Call Personality from the Sticks and Stones album. Veara have brought back that pure poppunk sound that usually gets tampered with. It can become over-complicated or too ambitious – Veara keep it simple while still portraying meaning in their songs.

Recently premiered track The Worst Part Of You is a brilliant track with the lyrics, “I’m not saying much/Coz there’s not much to say/The worst part of you told me/This is better left unsaid” lingering in your mind long after you have finished listening to the song.

None Of The Above fully highlights the meaning behind Growing Up Is Killing Me with the lyrics, “I’m so overwhelmed by decisions I have to make for myself/I can’t cover it up/I can’t cover it up any more” hacking straight into the obvious message behind the record. Life gets harder as you grow older and as Bambrick noted, your views of experiences change. Those things that you once thought were fantastic and simple slowly begin to mean little as other more ‘important’ things take priority over everything else.

The title track is very Simple Plan-esque in the time of their No Pad, No Helmets…Just Balls period as is Between Friends And A Hard Place. Both these songs have incredibly catchy rhythms that will have your feet tapping to the drum beats. These are the sorts of songs that you want on full blast in the car when you’re having a bad day. This is especially true for Don’t Call Me Lucky – a particularly angry and bitter track, “Here’s to never living out your dreams/Instead you’re living inside of me…”

Towards the end of the record, the songs do blur into one. You have to actively listen to this album to distinguish the songs – there’s no definite change in tempo or rhythm that allows you to register a new song has started without checking your playlist. However, that is the only fault as Veara have produced a wonderful pop punk album.

Growing Up Is Killing Me is a guilty pleasure record – it reminds you of a time when you were younger, perhaps at school, when you thought Simple Plan and Greenday were the best bands alive. Veara have produced an escape in their record. You really can relate to the lyrics and the fact that growing up was hard. You can relive your youth with this record or Veara can be the pop punk band that you look back on in 10 years time and reminisce about.

Growing Up Is Killing Me is available to buy now through Epitaph Records.

You can catch Veara live on the following dates:
Oct 03 Pittsburgh, PA – The Smiling Moose
Oct 05 Lansing, MI – Mac’s Bar
Oct 11 Tulsa, OK – Vanguard
Oct 12 San Antonio, TX – The Ten Eleven
Oct 13 Denton, TX – Hailey’s Club


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