Introducing…Mumiy Troll

Originating from Russia, Mumiy Troll have gained popularity in their home country as well as overseas. The band consisting of Ilya Lagutenko (vocals, guitar, lyrics, music and conception of the band), Eugene «Sdwig» Zvidionny (bass), Oleg Pungin (drums) and Yuri Tsaler (guitars, keys, saxophone) were the first band to appear on MTV Russia. They have received numerous awards including the MTV Russia Award.

Mumiy Troll

Mumiy Troll

Mumiy Troll’s music has been played on BBC Radio and Q Radio in the UK and their new single, Swimming With Sharks is sure to follow suit. Swimming With Sharks is a pop song in its purest form. There are the deep yet sexy vocals from Lagutenko, the catchy melody of the bass line and the gentle, swooping rhythms. On first listen, it feels a bit like a Eurovision song contest song but don’t let that put you off. Get past that and you will find that this song is a true gem. Swimming With Sharks is a song that will help lift your mood – the video helps to highlight the fun side to this easy to listen to unoffensive, pop song.

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