Odonis Odonis Share Brand New Single, Are We Friends

Toronto’s Odonis Odonis are set to release their latest single, Are We Friends. The song, already a staple of their live shows, is a continuation of the blistering fury exposed to the public earlier this year in the form of the Better EP.

Odonis Odonis

Odonis Odonis

Though they’re known for sinuous surf riffs, this track has the band at their most elemental: insistent industrial rhythms and noise. Are you ready for this? The song begins calmly enough, there’s bit of New Order in the mix, but builds with waves of panic peaking and breaking each time Dean Tzenos sings “Are we friends?” His voice becomes more frantic, his question is never answered hence the desperation heard in the vocals. The song transforms into punk as the vocals turn into screams.

Towards the end, a child-like rhyme is added to the nightmare. It’s got appeal if your mood matches. Well-constructed and a bit naughty, “You can give me oral/It may seem immoral/But are we friends?”, this song wouldn’t sound a miss in a heavy rock club.

Are We Friends is the next step for the band following the release of their Better EP which came out in April 2013 via Buzz Records.

You can catch Odonis Odonis live on the following dates:
15-19 October – New York, CMJ Music Festival

The band will be joined by Buzz label mates HSY and Weaves at both this year’s POP Montreal and CMJ Music Festival in New York.

By Kate Dexter

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