Junip Reveal New Video For Single, Walking Lightly

Sweden’s Junip have released a brand new video for their latest track, Walking Lightly. Walking Lightly is the lead single and title track of their new EP which was released on 16 September. Junip’s newest EP features remixes from Maps, John Roberts, Tobacco and To Rococo Rot.

Junip Walking Lightly

Still from Junip’s latest video Walking Lightly

Walking Lightly has a much more mellow and warmer video in comparison to the two previous controversial efforts for singles Line Of Fire and Your Life Your Call which both featured sex scenes, incest and child molestation over a two video storyline.

Junip with their droning moog synths, repetitive classical guitar lines and hypnotic rhythms are all about making the kind of meditative music you might play while sitting round a camp fire in the woods which, funnily enough, is what this video finds them doing.

Tastefully lit, everyone bashes away on different percussion instruments which adds to the tracks great hypnotic groove, even if after a while you do wish Jose Gonzalez would sing something other than “We’re all/Walking lightly” over and over again, for five minutes. But he gets away with it; he’s still got a very, very nice voice.

Junip set off on tour two weeks ago and always manage to produce solid releases proving they are much more than just a Jose Gonzalez side project. Their popularity has recently seen an increase due to Line of Fire being used in one of the latest episodes of the hugely popular Breaking Bad TV series. Anyone keen to see the band in action live should check out the video of them playing at the LA ROUTE DU ROCK festival.

By Josh Bennett


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