Tree Releases Debut EP, Demons

Tree, AKA Oliver Tree Nickell, has released his debut EP titled Demons through Apollo/R&S Records.

Demons is a wonderfully haunting and unnerving EP filled with solemn beats, low mood lyrics and just the right amount of attitude to make it all stick together perfectly.

Title track Demons introduces the record with its spooky melodies and deep lyrics. The pre-chorus, “Sometimes you know/Sometimes you don’t/Sometimes your thoughts provoke assumptions/Assume that you’re wrong/It happens a lot/Sometimes it’s easier pretending you’re/Somebody you’re not…” really sums this song up – we all have ‘demons’ we can’t let go of; feelings that confuse us or decisions we find difficult. In those situations, you do want to pretend to be somebody else for a sense of release. The song later mentions, returning “…home to demons on my doorstep…”, this is the realisation that you can’t escape from these thoughts, feelings or decisions forever.

Track two, Karma Police, is a fantastic cover of the Radiohead track. Tree takes the Radiohead song and transforms it to make it sound fresh while remaining true to the original. Track three, Stuck Down The Wrong Rabbit Hole, starts with feminine vocals singing, “I’m falling down/I’ve had enough/This rabbit hole has got me stuck/A flickering light about to die/When it gives out so will I…” complimenting a juxtaposing summery drum beat and synth melody. This track will instantly lift your mood despite its depressing lyrics. It’s by far the best of the three tracks on the Demons EP.

Nickell’s vocals sound as if the Kooks’ lead singer, Luke Pritchard, has learned to rap. Although at first this sounds like a crazy idea, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you listen to Tree. Demons is a really solid debut EP release.


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